project: a hunting gathering (part 2)

See my previous post for a background story to this project.

An illumination is usually the first thing that peaks my attention when there is a project that I want to research in some way. This time it is was the gathering from the Livre de Chasse, a manuscript that first caught my attention when I was looking for inspiration for male clothing.

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supplies: tablets for weaving

A couple of days ago these beautiful tablets arrived in the mail. I found them on Etsy: Ampstrike, a seller from Estonia. The size of the tablets are 5×5 cm, with a thickness of about 1,5 mm, and made from walnut and ash. The ones made from ash are slightly thicker but I don’t think that will be noticeable when I weave with both types mixed.

The first project I will use these for is finishing the edges of the sleeves on my Herjolfsnäs gown.

inspiration: the Lutrell Psalter

It amazes me that a lot of readers check in here every day even when I haven’t updated in forever. Thank you for that!

Sweet Elina at Neulakko posted a YouTube-clip a while back and I thought I’d show it here for those of you that haven’t seen it.

It’s the Lincolnshire based group WAG Screen that has been working hard with a film that reenact scenes from the Lutrell Psalter. The film really is worth watching with beautiful scenery, wonderful music and lots of inspiration for recreating the early 14th century.

Wag Screen has also made several behind the scene clips, make sure you check out their YouTube channel.

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