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I just read a post on Aleydis LJwhere she wrote about a different take on the SCA A&S 50 Challenge – the Stash Challenge. The original challenge is about making 50 A&S things between 2007 and 2015 (that when SCA celebrates it’s 50th birthday). The 50 projects could either be based on depth, breath or persona. I’ve been tempted to pick up the persona challenge, making 50 project that has to do with my persona. On the other hand I doubt that I won’t make 50 things by 2015 either way, making the challenge a bit unnecessary for me. The Stash Challenge  (and here) on the other hand is perfect, this challenge is about using all the stuff that you’ve been accumulating in your stash and make 50 projects. At least 50 % of the materials has to be from your stash.

Another great part of the challenge is that you set your own rules. These are a few of the rules I’m thinking about using:

  • only SCA time period projects
  • at least 50 % of the materials has to come from my stash
  • I’m counting everything I can find at home as my stash, for example pieces of wood in the garage also counts as well as the mountain of fabric that I have
  • a documentation (or at least a how-to guide) has to accompany each project
  • UFO (unfinished objects) counts as well

I’ll be thinking about this… then we’ll see what happens!

Restocking spices

I just wanted to take a moment and promote the excellent webshop “The Spice Shop“.  It’s a spice shop in London that carries several of the more unusual medieval spices like grains of paradise, cubebs and long pepper, which are not easy (if possible at all) to buy here in Sweden. You can pay online with your credit card and I got my package 4 days after I placed my order! Now that’s what I call service!

Now I’m even more inspired to research new recipies! Forme of Cury – here I come! 😉


That weaving inspiration I talked about the other week is still here! About a week ago I went out in our shed and came back in with one of my ribbon looms (yep, I confess – I have three…). Dug out an old half finished silk warp that I stuffed in a box about a year ago and voilá – I’m weaving again!

I’m so excited about it that I even got around to start making a weaving page here on the blog. Look in the upper right corner. The plan is to add new as well as a couple of finished projects there in the future.

Back to the current project. It’s a silk braid based on a braid found in London, dated to the 14th century. The plan is to make garters as a symbol for the Order of the Golden Ribbon here in Nordmark. It’s an award for service and usually comes with a somewhat (in my opinion) weird looking black chain with a golden ribbon (like the one you use to hold your curtains) in it. I never got one when I got my award so a while back I though I’d make my own attempt to a more period looking symbol of the award.

Ribbon loom with a tablet woven silk warp.
Ribbon loom with a tablet woven silk warp.

Visiting Stockholm

Biorn and me went to Stockholm last week. We did some shopping in the Old Town on Thursday and I managed to get some gilded leather for an intarsia project I’ve been planning. On Friday Biorn went to “Hobbymässan” and I took the opportunity to visit the Museum of National Antiquities. I was very curious to see the Bread and Buns exibition, but was really disappointed. It supposedly was a family exhibition but it was hardly anything for someone over the age of ten to experience…

On the other hand I spend considerable time in the Textile Chamber and took photos and made notes of the intasia work on display. Look here for an example. In the end I had a great time.

We also made a quick stop at the temporary Museum of Medieval Stockholm, mainly to look in the museum shop. Picked up a copy of Gerry Embletons Medieval Military Costume – great book with fantastic photos.

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