Who are you?

Yesterday I hade over 40 hits on this blog – that’s amazing. And I have a feeling some of you have been here before. So why not leave a comment next time you see something good, bad, interesting or just horribly ugly.

I really want this to be a blog to find inspiration as well as exchanging ideas. Not a lot of dialog if it’s just me drowning on… 🙂 So, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, even if it’s just a few words! Thanks!

In relation to my latest project (shoes) I just want to show you a really interesting blog on the same subject.

Where are the elves?

William de Wyke from New Zeeland makes excellent medieval shoes based on medieval sources. I especially like these! Spiffy indeed.

2 thoughts on “Who are you?

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  1. You know I am one of your faithful readers.

    One comment about the socks: I have no patience for naalbinding. Knitting I can tolerate a bit more, but to make two identical things one after the other? *whine* That’s why I’ve asked my mother to knit me the Eleonora stockings rather than try it myself. It’s a long-term project.

    For socks/nether socks/nether stocks/hose today I use three pairs I bought. One figure-knitted pair from Tallinn and two machine knit from sock-dreams.com All wool, and all warm and fuzzy.

    For my earlier period (I’m around 1400, close to you) I should be wearing sewn hose really, but for some reason sewing hose is also the worlds most boring project.

    (And I hope that’s enough babbling for this time)

  2. Nalbinding is tedious work – I know, that’s why I’m so keen on mending the ones I have. 🙂 But I also think that’s one of the wonderful aspects of our hobby. You make your own choices on where to focus your energy. It could be nalbinding, handsewing or black work (which I have no patience for..) and then take “short cuts” in other areas.

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