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So, having reached the conclusion that a smock is needed to make a gathered apron I decided it was time for me to try the technique. A while back Dis showed me the basics of smocking and it wasn’t all that complicated. I bought some linen at IKEA  couple of months ago when I run out of it and decided to use that. It has a sturdy weight that I thought would work perfectly with aprons. I used half the width, about 70 cm, and the length of the apron is 90cm.

The apron with gathering stitches.
The apron with gathering stitches.

I sewed gathering stitches along the upper side of the apron. These stitches will help gather the fabric in even folds that I then can sew together with the smocking stitch. It’s approximately 1 cm between the stitches and the same between the rows of stitches. The later isn’t that important and I could probably have sewed the rows further apart. The distance between the stitches will determine the depth of the folds. 

The fabric pulled together using the gathering stitch.
The fabric pulled together using the gathering stitch.

Tie a knot on one side of the apron and then pull on the threads to create the folds. I secured my thread with two separate bow-ties to make sure the tension was even. I’ve left 2 cm of fabrics at the top of the apron so that I have something to sew the waist tie on.

The apron is now ready for the smocking stitches.

2 thoughts on “More on aprons

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  1. Your posts are prodding my imagination and slowly but surely inspiring me to pull out some linen and make me a smocked apron.

    I took the class led by Katheryn at Double Wars, I’ve seen the many wonderful aprons out there…

    You just keep posting photos and you’ll see, I’ll copy you yet!

  2. You better watch out or you’ll be sitting at home wondering about which honeycomb stitch makes the prettiest pattern! 🙂

    Katheryn seems to have been inspireing a lot of people with her class! Yay for that!

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