Smocking part 2

After the smocking was finished I folded the side and the bottom of the apron twice to fell the edges with a simple hemming stitch. I make my hemming stitch so small on the right side of the fabric that it looks like a prick stitch. It’s a lot faster this way than making actual prick stitches and makes a very neat impression.

At the top of the apron I took a long piece of linen with a 5 cm width. I folded long edges and then folded it again to make a long double folded waistband. The waistband was sewed as close to the top honeycomb stitches as possible.

Washing, ironing and… Tada, one gathered apron with smocking!


The finished apron!
The finished apron!

My hips are to big for this apron, I probably need a smock with a width of 35 cm. But Rose was gracious enough to put on a dress at our latest Juneborg sewing circle so that I could take some pictures. Thank you!  

I’m very pleased with the result and will definately take all this experince and make an apron for myself – with a wider smock. 🙂

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  1. It is soo very pretty! I haven’t done any smocking ever but I have to start to learn how to do it because I need the skill for my near future projects. And your apron project is very inspiring!

  2. Thank you for you praise. 🙂
    The concept about tutorials has crossed my mind lately. Are there any good tutorials about smocking online? I’ve been thinking about doing a simple “how-to-do-a-smocked-apron”-tutorial. Do you all think it’s a good idea?

  3. Well, yeah! I know some web pages about smocking (Uh.. I just tried to find them by using Google but I failed…). I think that currently there are not too much tutorials about smocking online (good or bad) 😀

  4. I will definately be thinking about that tutorial. Let me know if you find any online guides.

  5. I think that is a very modern view on aprons “too nice to use”. We spend time on making something by hand and that time becomes so valuable that we are afraid of using the creation.
    I challenge everyone to actually use the stuff you make! Take the opportunity to look wonderful in the kitchen (and then use the washing machine when you get back home 🙂 !

  6. The website seems to be down for reconstruction at the moment but I’ll be sure to check it out when it’s back up. Thank you!

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