The tablet weaving experiment – update

Last week when I was pre-mordating all the wool for the dyeing I got so bored waiting for the water to heat that I decided to start a new version of the tablet weaving experiment. This time I used silk for the warp. Originally I planned to used red as the pattern thread but I had so little yellow left that I had to use that as the pattern thread instead. I didn’t have any grey to use at the edge but the white I used instead turn out pretty good. For the weft I used grey linen thread.Without looking at my sources I think that’s what the used on the silk ribbons found in Birka with the gold and silver brocade. It will save the amount of (the much more expensive) silk used and worked out very well.

The tablet weaving experiment using silk.
The tablet weaving experiment using silk.

7 thoughts on “The tablet weaving experiment – update

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  1. Thank you! It’s goes very fast to weave the pattern now that I know it so well.

  2. Beautyfull pattern! What is the name of that pattern, and can I get the pattern to try weaving it myself somehow? would reeeeaaally appriciate it 🙂

  3. I’m not entierly sure of the origin of the pattern. I may have written it myself or it’s from Louise at Spångmurs, but you can find it here

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