Award – or a disguised chain letter

Katheryn at Textile Time Travels gave me this award. Thank you so much!
Apparently you’re suppose to answer questions (see below) and then give the award to 5 blogs you like. See what I mean by disguised chain letter!

My answers to the 5 questions:

1. When did you start your blog?
My first entry here was in early 2008 but I fiddled around on before that.

2. What is it about?
It’s about historic costume, weaving, cooking and other things that relates to my interest in SCA and reenactment. I focus on the 14th century but things from other time periods seems to sneak in as well. “Late medieval stuff” sums it up.

3. What are the differences between this blog than others?
Probably not that much, it’s a pretty generic textile history blog. I try to include pictures in all my posts because that’s what I like.

4. Why did you started it?
I wanted to share my knowledge and give others the opportunity to learn from my successes and mistakes. It was also a place to publish my documentation as well as getting feedback on my ideas and projects.

5. What would you like to chance in your blog?
I’d like to move it to an own web hosting so that I could combine it with other things like a picture gallery. I would also like to have inspiration and time to post more often.

And the award goes to these excellent (gorgeous) blogs (make sure you visit them!):


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