in the spotlight: april

There isn’t any handicraft being made at the moment, all projects are put on hold in favour of adorable daughter. But I thought I’d share some interesting and fun stuff I’ve been reading about lately.

  • Kathy at Medieval Arts & Crafts made this pattern inspired by a beautiful tiled roof in France. It shows that inspiration will find you anywhere!
  • Eva has finished her One Year and Thousand Eggs project and started a new blog about cooking: Let hem boyle…Caution!Reading her blog will make you hungry! ūüôā
  • Edyth shared a link to Wikipedia Commons with¬†a directory of manuscripts organized by century. Take a look here!
  • Apparently frills are the new black! At least according to Elina. Read about her project¬†or take a look at all the work that Isis had done.
Two years ago, almost on the day, we went on a pilgrimage to Vadstena. It was windy, but looking at the pictures makes me long even more for spring!

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