Drachenwald has an annual Arts & Science Competition. A friend convinced me to enter a project in 2006 and that was really when I started writing documentations for my projects, not just scraps of paper that got lost. 

Documentations serves no purpose hidden away in a drawer so here is where I’ll put them for anyone to read. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

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You may print and distribute the copies as long as it’s free of charge and the author is recognised. You may not in any way publish or sell copies without the author approval. Contact me through this website if you wish to get an approval.
Click on the headings to open the files. They are all pdf-files so you need Acrobat Reader installed to view them.

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Magisterprov – in swedish
Dokumentationen för de två band jag vävde som magisterprov för Nordmarks Vävargille.

A liripipe hood
It’s easy to find visual documentation for hoods in the 14th and 15th century. This is my interpretation of a common hood.

Nalbinding – a research paper
Research papers is an own category in the Drachenwald A&S Competition. You research anything but you don’t actually make the item. My research paper in on a pretty wide subject – nalbinding or nålbindning as it’s called in swedish.

Powder Forte – a strong spice mixture
This documentation is about spice mixture. The medieval cooks didn’t really use spices seperately as we do in modern cooking. Instead each cook had his own different mixtures of spices that he used. They are often called Powder Forte (strong), Powder Douce (sweet) and Powder Blance (white).

With these three items entered in the Drachenwald Arts & Science Competition in 2007 I was fortunate enough to win the annual competition. I will now have the honour to serve as Royal Artisan during 2008.  The Royal Artisan assist the Queen and the Minister of Arts and Science in promoting the Arts & Science.

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