Back on track… with research

Summer vacation is long over, at least it feels like it when the temperature is getting chilly in the morning and the rain is pouring down. This means it’s soon time for Civil War again, and I’m back in the kitchen as head cook. Continue reading “Back on track… with research”

Oh oh!

Last week I order two tablet weaving books from Nancy Spies at Arelate Studio. They arrived today!

Brocades all the way!
Brocades all the way!

I have a sudden urge to do brocaded tablet weaving with silk and (albeit fake) gold thread! Now! I don’t have time to go to work… Must weave now… 😉

Yummy patterns by 16th century german nun Anna
Yummy patterns by 16th century german nun Anna Neuper!

Visiting Stockholm

Biorn and me went to Stockholm last week. We did some shopping in the Old Town on Thursday and I managed to get some gilded leather for an intarsia project I’ve been planning. On Friday Biorn went to “Hobbymässan” and I took the opportunity to visit the Museum of National Antiquities. I was very curious to see the Bread and Buns exibition, but was really disappointed. It supposedly was a family exhibition but it was hardly anything for someone over the age of ten to experience…

On the other hand I spend considerable time in the Textile Chamber and took photos and made notes of the intasia work on display. Look here for an example. In the end I had a great time.

We also made a quick stop at the temporary Museum of Medieval Stockholm, mainly to look in the museum shop. Picked up a copy of Gerry Embletons Medieval Military Costume – great book with fantastic photos.

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