Brown hosen

I finished my hosen a while back but has been to lazy to take some photos…ahem. Anyway!

They are made from a brown twill wool and handsewn with waxed unbleached linen thread. I’ve draped the pattern on my foot and leg. The foot construction is based on a reconstruction in Textiles and Clothing (p 189 fig 168). They are meant to be worn with garters.

14th century wool hosen.
14th century wool hosen.

For a first try I’m pretty pleased with them. There are to much bunching on the upper side of the ankle that I need to adjust before I make the next pair. I don’t feel the seems under the foot when I walk around so that’s a good thing.

I plan to write a some sort of instruction/documentation as soon as I get the pattern back. (I lent it to Elsa 🙂

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