Event recap: Double Wars 2010

lots of fighting … interesting classes … lazy evenings … meeting Neulakko … duke sir master master Sven … weaving … learning new skills … lots of kids everywhere … meeting friends

Flat side won – already looking forward to next year (and next SCA event)!

Compost anyone?

I’m the head cook at this years Civil War (again) and I’ve started to test and prep for the lunch and feast. Lunch, serving approx 160 people, will this year be compost with grilled chicken and cameline sauce. We’ve been going safe these last years and served a well and truly tested meatstew but both Dis and I felt that it was time to do something a bit more researched.

Compost, grilled chicken and cameline sauce
Compost, grilled chicken and cameline sauce

So, the other night I did a test run on the lunch which consisted of compost (pickled sallad), a grilled chicken and cameline sauce. The compost was very good, fresh and a great stomach filler. The chicken was very simple with a red wine and honey glaze. I was the most suprised with the cameline sauce. It had a very strong taste and really made a difference with the chicken.
Note to self: A couple of tablespoons is enough for one person.

I’ve used recepies from Medieval Cookery, but I’ve tweaked them a bit depending on how I have interpreted the original text. I’m planning on writing down a more extensive documentation, but that will have to wait a while. Just better make sure I don’t loose all the little notes I’ve made! ūüôā


Back from DW

We got back from Doublewars on Saturday evening, which was great since we managed to unpack everything before we went to bed. Since we went home so early we missed the end of Academia del Arte, the Baronial Wars and last court. Missing the war and court don’t bother me but I was slightly bummed that Academia del Arte didn’t attract any people in the beginning.

Other that – Doublewars was great!

Met a lot of people that I’ve been missing since¬†the last event. Did¬†a bunch of sewing (finished Biorns doublet and my shift). Went to¬†one of Master Ranthulfurs classes – the man is unbelievable!¬†Taught two classes, one garbworkshop and one on “Preparing for A&S competitions”.¬†Managed to NOT buy and fabric or yarn!

It was very nice to get a week long vacation before it’s time finish the semester with grading and slightly hysteric students.

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