TWE – part 3 is finished!

I told you last week about my third attempt at the tablet weaving experiment (further known as TWE). This weekend I finished weaving and the band turn out great!The warp is silk and the weft is linen. I really dislike having linen thread in the warp when I weave so this was sort of a compromise which worked out like a charm.

TWE part 3 - silk and linen
TWE part 3 - silk and linen

The ribbon is approximately 2,5 cm wide and really soft. Now I just wash and iron it to make it even more shiny, as well as making some notes in my pattern book about the project. I’ll make sure to write a small documentation for the TWE page as well.

The picture is a bit blurry on my computer for some reason, but if you click on it you’ll get the large and un-blurry version. 🙂

The tablet weaving experiment – update

Last week when I was pre-mordating all the wool for the dyeing I got so bored waiting for the water to heat that I decided to start a new version of the tablet weaving experiment. This time I used silk for the warp. Originally I planned to used red as the pattern thread but I had so little yellow left that I had to use that as the pattern thread instead. I didn’t have any grey to use at the edge but the white I used instead turn out pretty good. For the weft I used grey linen thread.Without looking at my sources I think that’s what the used on the silk ribbons found in Birka with the gold and silver brocade. It will save the amount of (the much more expensive) silk used and worked out very well.

The tablet weaving experiment using silk.
The tablet weaving experiment using silk.

The tablet weaving experiment

I’ve updated the blog with a new page: The tablet weaving experiment. It’s been quite a while since I started this project but I’ve been to lazy to publish any pictures or documentation. A couple of weeks ago I finally washed and ironed the ribbons and took some pictures – voila! One less UFO!

The first to ribbons woven with the empty hole technique in thin wool.
The first two ribbons woven with the empty hole technique in thin wool.

Next I’m going to weave the pattern with silk thread. I have red and yellow but I’ll have to substitute the grey for white or some other appropriate colour.

On another note, I’m watching a movie – the Other Boleyn Girl. Pretty good so far, although I’m partial to anything featuring Natalie Portman… 🙂

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