A couple of days ago I went into my closet in the bedroom. On the floor in the corner were small pieces of something and when I picked it up I realised it was leather. The only thing made of leather in that closet are our handmade shoes. Warily I picked them up and guess what – those friggin mice had made holes in everyone of them! I know, we live in an old house in the country, mice is expected. But that’s why we got two cats! Why haven’t anyone told the cats that occasionally they need to open the door to the closet and hunt for mice there too… or am I just unreasonable? 😉

Mousetraps is on the shopping list!

On the other hand, maybe someone is trying to tell me that I need to start sewing new shoes. Not just planning it in my head like I’ve been doing for the last year or so…

What’s really disappointing is that one of the pair of shoes was made by Biorn. It took him ages and he was really proud that he managed to finish them. Hopefully we’ll be able to mend those as they were the pair that had the least amount of holes.

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