Back on track… with research

Summer vacation is long over, at least it feels like it when the temperature is getting chilly in the morning and the rain is pouring down. This means it’s soon time for Civil War again, and I’m back in the kitchen as head cook. Continue reading “Back on track… with research”

Surviving Civil War

I just got home from our shire meeting were we off loaded the last stuff from the event. It was a great weekend even though I was coughing quite a bit. I tried to focus on doing the dishes in the kitchen instead of cooking and it worked out fine.

Met a lot of friends and had a good time and reflected over the fact that this is the first time in six years that I was neither the head cook or the event steward – freaky but very relaxing! 🙂

After a long break from SCA (mainly focusing in my own crafts and the shire) I’m really looking forward to going to events again. Next time will be Luciafesten in Styringheim in December.

Elsa made my day when she gave me her Crafty Challenge. She had written a song which she preformed for me and all the others during the feast. She totally surprised me and I was very flattered of all the nice things she sung about me!

I delivered my gifts to the Prince and Princess of Nordmark. It was four tablet woven silk garters that they can use as tokens for the new members of the Order of the Golden Ribbon. They were very pleased and I was happy to se two of the garters finding new owners during court. I promised the Princess that I’ll weave more and hopefully there will be a few ready in December so that I can bring them with me to Luciafesten.

Silk garters for the Order of the Golden Ribbon
Silk garters for the Order of the Golden Ribbon

I uploaded the documentation as well as another picture in the weaving section.

I survived Civil War

Civil War is over for this year. It was a nonstop weekend and it’s nice to be able to do regular stuff without having a nagging thought about the event and things to do all the time.

Despite that our original event steward dropped out in the last minute (due to mundane stress and other things) the weekend went really well. I was in the kitchen the whole weekend but somehow I did find the time to spend a little time with friends and just relax (somewhat…). Lunch and feast went well, although we had a lot of leftovers. It’s seems like such a waste since most of it went in the trash, but at least it’s better than people having to go hungry. More about the food in another post.

A few reflections that I need to keep in mind for next year:

  • for the last 5 years I’ve been either the event steward (1 time) or head cook (4 times) + we did Crowntorney last year and I shared head cook responsibilities with Fionnghuala. That means that I definitely need to take a break next year. Being in the kitchen is fun, I just don’t need the stress that comes with being head cook next year.
  • moving the serving table outside of the kitchen worked like a charm. I made this huge drape to cover up the kitchen and serving table, might want to think about decorating it for next year.
  • a snack for the serving staff was a great idĂ©! No more cranky servers!

On a final note I got to give the Royal Artisan regalia to the queen since I won’t be able to make it to Kingdom University in November. I haven’t had any time to focus on the Royal Artisan stuff due to mundane stuff, which I really regret. At the same time it’s nice to give it to someone else and hope they will do a better job!

Biorn took a lot of pictures at Civil War, but we haven’t had the time to even start looking at them. Made later this weekend. 


Cooking workshop

Tonight most of the members (hopefully) from my shire will meet at our house for a workshop about medieval cooking.
This meeting serves two purposes. The first is that it will be an opportunity to tell everyone about the plans I have for the food at Civil War. The shiremembers will mostly either be in the kitchen with me cooking or serving the feast on Saturday evening. We’ve always had the intention of making sure that everyone knows the menu before the event. It helps in the kitchen and it makes serving a little less stressful. When have never managed to take time to present the menu previos years so this is definately a time to treasure!
The second purpose is the have an intresting shire meeting where we actually do something productive instead of just socialising (which is nice but doesn’t attract new members). Cooking is a subject that has really interested me lately so it will be great to discuss cooking with another member who I rarely get to see and who’s also interested (and a good lot better) in cooking.

EDIT: The workshop went well, 9 people showed up at our house and I think everyone had a good time. And we did eat a good meatpie!

Compost anyone?

I’m the head cook at this years Civil War (again) and I’ve started to test and prep for the lunch and feast. Lunch, serving approx 160 people, will this year be compost with grilled chicken and cameline sauce. We’ve been going safe these last years and served a well and truly tested meatstew but both Dis and I felt that it was time to do something a bit more researched.

Compost, grilled chicken and cameline sauce
Compost, grilled chicken and cameline sauce

So, the other night I did a test run on the lunch which consisted of compost (pickled sallad), a grilled chicken and cameline sauce. The compost was very good, fresh and a great stomach filler. The chicken was very simple with a red wine and honey glaze. I was the most suprised with the cameline sauce. It had a very strong taste and really made a difference with the chicken.
Note to self: A couple of tablespoons is enough for one person.

I’ve used recepies from Medieval Cookery, but I’ve tweaked them a bit depending on how I have interpreted the original text. I’m planning on writing down a more extensive documentation, but that will have to wait a while. Just better make sure I don’t loose all the little notes I’ve made! 🙂


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