Camp life at Värnvik

Today a few of us visited the medieval camp at Värnvik. It’s a week long event held by Nordrike, a Swedish society very similar to SCA. Not many people had arrived when we visited them today but we got to chat a bit with them. Kerstin from Medeltidsmode was there selling her fabulous fabrics so after some poking around I bought 5 meters of thin linen (perfect for chemises) as well as 1 meter of a gorgeous linen/hemp mix that I intend to use for an apron.

Linen/hemp fabric.
Linen/hemp fabric.

A productive day

Today I spent all day at Astrid and Dis. We had a very productive day working on different projects. Dis started an amazing scoll, Astrid work on 16th century landsknecht-ish garb and I almost finished my tablet weaving as well as started on another apron project. I’m doing another gathered apron and am now doing several test pieces to see which size of smock to use.

Astrid and Dis also got a chance to look at my newly dyed wool and we discussed the possibility to dye some silk in the near future. There was also time for gossip and general craft/SCA discussions which is always nice.

I’m going away for the weekend but hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more about the tablet weaving, the apron project as well as some silk dyeing that I’ve been doing next week. Have a good weekend!

Ramblings on a hot summer night

Haven’t had much inspiration to do anything SCA-related lately. I’ve felt it before and I know I’ll find inspiration again. Went to some local second hand stores a couple of days ago and made quit a bargain.

A bobbin winder (sv: spolmaskin)
A bobbin winder (sv: spolmaskin)
A rigid heddle and a "garnsticka"
A rigid heddle and a "garnsticka"

I got a bobbin winder for 20 kr (approx. $ 2.5) – I don’t think the old lady knew what it was. I new one costs about 500 kr ($ 60)! The rigid heddle and the “garnsticka” (anyone know the English term?) is always useful weaving tools.

This weekend I’ll be going to Bothild for some natural dyeing. We’ll be dyeing wool and silk with walnuts, madder, cochineal (carmine), roots of galium and other stuff we can find in the garden/forest. Sigrid and Egil will also be there and I haven’t seen them for I while so that will be fun too!

Hopefully I’ll get the supplies tomorrow and then I can start pre-mordanting the yarn with alum.

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