Looking back at this project I’m sure I made some sort of promise to myself that I wouldn’t start any crazy weaving projects again… Right. This project is from the Anna Neupert book with patterns from the early 16th century. Very similar to the Birka bands. I’m doing mine in madder-red wool (that I’ve dyed myself) and a gold-like thread from DMC. Very spiffy! Takes forever! Anyone surprised?


Not much is happening at the moment aside from tablet weaving. I’ve recently got some inspiratione to continue on my golden ribbon, which is a very good thing since I actually have to a deadline with this project.

a Supernatural episode + tablet weaving = progress (add some distraction for drool-worthy Winchesterbrothers 😉 )


Last night I attended the shire sewing circle at Astrids place. There was six of us sitting around drinking tea and doing various textile projects or discussing upcoming woodworking plans in the shire. I started another tablet weaving project. Nothing new, I’m doing this patterns again. Their Royal Highnesses were pleased with their gifts so I decided to do some more garters. It’s an easy pattern to weave so I’m already planning my next project. It’s going to be something from the new books I got the other day. 🙂

Oh, the Herjolfsnäs gown is progressing as well. The toile fits nicely so now I need to add som sleeves to finalize the pattern.

Last week I order two tablet weaving books from Nancy Spies at Arelate Studio. They arrived today!

Brocades all the way!

Brocades all the way!

I have a sudden urge to do brocaded tablet weaving with silk and (albeit fake) gold thread! Now! I don’t have time to go to work… Must weave now… 😉

Yummy patterns by 16th century german nun Anna

Yummy patterns by 16th century german nun Anna Neuper!

I just got home from our shire meeting were we off loaded the last stuff from the event. It was a great weekend even though I was coughing quite a bit. I tried to focus on doing the dishes in the kitchen instead of cooking and it worked out fine.

Met a lot of friends and had a good time and reflected over the fact that this is the first time in six years that I was neither the head cook or the event steward – freaky but very relaxing! 🙂

After a long break from SCA (mainly focusing in my own crafts and the shire) I’m really looking forward to going to events again. Next time will be Luciafesten in Styringheim in December.

Elsa made my day when she gave me her Crafty Challenge. She had written a song which she preformed for me and all the others during the feast. She totally surprised me and I was very flattered of all the nice things she sung about me!

I delivered my gifts to the Prince and Princess of Nordmark. It was four tablet woven silk garters that they can use as tokens for the new members of the Order of the Golden Ribbon. They were very pleased and I was happy to se two of the garters finding new owners during court. I promised the Princess that I’ll weave more and hopefully there will be a few ready in December so that I can bring them with me to Luciafesten.

Silk garters for the Order of the Golden Ribbon

Silk garters for the Order of the Golden Ribbon

I uploaded the documentation as well as another picture in the weaving section.

I’m almost finished with my striped tablet woven ribbon. Very shiny and pretty! 🙂

Almost finished silk ribbon.

Almost finished silk ribbon.

I started a new weaving project. This time it’s inspired of a finding in the Textiles and Clothings book from MoL. It’s a simple striped band with a little twist. The tablets are threaded in groups of three, first S then Z then S again and so on. It gives the band a striped effect along the band as well. I’ve previously woven this pattern for a belt for myself. This time I choose a thinner silk and used more tablets so the width of the band is 14 mm.

Striped band in silk.

Striped band in silk.