way back… finishing the edges with tablet weaving

Schhh… did you hear that? Yep, it’s the sound of a new post being published at Cristina’s ramblings.

It’s been a while, two daughters “got in the way” of any desire or time to write anything here. I have made a few items since I last made a post so I thought I’d start slow and post a few photos and write a little about it. Here is the first one:

The first project for my wooden tablets that I got in October 2011 was to finish the edges of my first Herjolfsnäs gown with tablet weaving. As you can see in the picture I used two tablets and 4 warp threads. They are threaded in diagonal holes and it’s important to do one S-tablet and one Z-tablet otherwise the ribbon just want to twist. I used so yellow dyed (probably birch) wool yarn from my stash.

The finished result!

The pictures are from my Instagram feed so they are a bit fuzzy.


8 thoughts on “way back… finishing the edges with tablet weaving

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  1. I simply continued weaving for a couple of cm then I turned the loose end over on the inside of the sleeve and sewed it in place. At the elbow I did the same and sewed the loose end along the sleeve seam. Does it make any sense?

  2. No, I just wind a piece of linen thread around the end. Cut away the excess weaving yarn and sew the end along the sleeve edge. I tried to take a picture but the yellow wool didn’t photograph well. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a sample tutorial of the whole thing.

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